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Empowering businesses to retain knowledge
Mentorship is a new and different approach to consulting services. One of the most powerful benefits Endeveran offers to Salesforce businesses is empowerment of their employees through our Mentorship Program. We don't just come on board for the project and pack up when we're finished, leaving you to manage custom development on your own. While working on project deliverables, we simultaneously mentor your internal staff and work alongside one another to build a sustainable long-term strategic partnership. Your employees learn new skills they need to maintain a healthy Salesforce Ecosystem and immediately apply those skills through co-development and project delivery.


  • Preference to use internal resources but lacking specific skills/expertise that hamper project viability
  • Initial implementation was difficult or incomplete and a complete refactor is needed while educating internal resources on best practices for future stability
  • Continual reliance on outsourcing becomes too costly and none of the knowledge is retained internally


  • Endeveran's Mentorship Program is custom designed and provides digital materials that help internal resources gain valuable Salesforce ecosystem development skills and greatly improve project success.
  • Through Mentorship, we help to correct previous errors and teach best practices that positively impact your future ability and stability of your Platform.
  • Mentorship can be used as a guide to help build up internal capabilities and retain knowledge in-house while completing actual project work in both a classroom and hands-on environment


  • No restrictions on participation: part time/full time, users, admins, developers, architects, managers, and executives.
  • Custom built Mentorship Programs are tailored to your individual project needs. Pricing done in weekly increments that ensures you're in control.
  • At the end of your Custom Mentorship Program your staff is trained, has experience delivering successful project work, and has a complete digital library of resources for future reference.

  • Our custom Mentorship Programs run Monday-Thursday. Friday is solely dedicated to project development work.
  • Your employees learn in a classroom setting the first half of each day, then roll up their sleeves and get guided, hands-on project experience for the last half.
  • You customize and control the learning on each phase of the project as you see fit. You assign resources who are mandatory and need to develop skills and those that are optional.
  • We develop and provide custom, digital step-by-step project learning materials.
  • While your employees are responsible for overall project delivery, Endeveran resources will step in to complete deliverables as needed if falling behind on project timelines.
"Our goal with the Endeveran Mentorship program is to work side-by-side with you to complete your project. We want to leave you and your team with the skills and knowledge to maintain the project momentum. We help your team complete project tasks, but we are there every step of the way to guide, teach, and empower to ensure on-time and on-budget project completion"
-Jim Casazza, Founder



Our approach is to have partners-for-life. We continuously work with our customers even when the workload is low. We strive to help other organizations grow with us.


Our technical and business leaders can help you learn and grow using the latest technologies to help communicate your cause. We are always eager to train and mentor.


We understand technology and have worked with many non-profits over the years. We go beyond Salesforce to help you decide which software is right for your organization.


We leverage the Salesforce platform and know when to use what's out of the box, when to customize, and when to work with other applications to suit your business needs.


We provide common applications that apply to non-profits such as donation processing, fundraising, raffles, event management, and more.


Your business will receive support across all aspects related to software which includes Salesforce, your website, or any other software used to support your cause.

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