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Cost Analyzer

Illuminating the true cost of Salesforce certified resources.

Through our research, we've found that the cost of hiring an internal Salesforce Certified resource is actually more expensive than hiring an expert Salesforce Partner Consultant.

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Resource Type Salaries Benefits Total Cost 40 hours/wk Actual hours Worked 40 hr wk cost per hour Actual cost per hour
SF Analyst/Admin $103,740.00 35% $140,049.00 40 31 $67.33 $86.88
SF Developer $114,263.00 35% $154,255.00 40 31 $74.16 $95.69
SF Architect $136,506.00 35% $184,283.00 40 31 $88.60 $114.32

The graph below represents the true cost of hiring an employee based on their title. You can see via the table above that the salaries are multiplied by the benefit multiplier to give you the product and full cost of internally hiring a Salesforce certified resource. Please adjust the numbers as you see fit and how that impacts true costs.

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