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Client Services

Project development as it should be
Our streamlined Client Services process allows you to define deliverables and engage Endeveran for the duration of a single project. We deliver against your project goals, and services are billed on a per project basis. You leverage our experience and we deliver results at extremely compelling rates.


  • Lacking internal skills and/or resources to complete individual Salesforce projects on time and on budget.
  • Not meeting internal Salesforce ROI requirements on a per project basis due to inefficiencies or under utilization.
  • Lack of visibility in Salesforce Ecosystem, needing additional resources for evaluation and assessment.
  • Struggles with improper implementation, never learned best practices.


  • Endeveran's unique streamlined Client Services allows you to engage the proper resources and fill IT gaps to help you complete projects at extremely competitive rates.
  • With decades of Salesforce experience, we assign a dedicated team that follow best practices to help you achieve the highest ROI.
  • The Endeveran Org Assist Tool helps by taking a deep dive into your Salesforce ecosystem and recommending the best path forward with a focus on the health and efficiency of your platform
  • Complete clean-up or refactor of Salesforce Ecosystem that improves functionality, performance, and maintenance costs.


  • Our streamlined, team approach saves you money by only paying for what you need. We only bill for the total hours worked.
  • No restrictive contracts or long-term commitments.
  • Hybrid Estimating: We analyze and estimate your project at inception and right before implementation to ensure we're giving you the best most accurate cost to complete the work.

Think of us as the right resource at the right time. We specialize in the design and development of data solutions that synchronize your business data with Salesforce.
Endeveran can work on site, remote, or in a mixed environment. We can also work within your current development processes such as agile, waterfall, iterative, scrum, hybrid, etc.You define your project needs and deliverables, we execute on time and within budget.

From project pre-planning to estimation and execution Endeveran is your expert Salesforce partner. We leverage years of successful project completions for Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Delivery Cloud, Service Cloud, Non-Profit Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Pardot, Lightning, Communities, Einstein and many more!

You've invested heavily in Salesforce, now put it to work for you!



Our approach is to have partners-for-life. We continuously work with our customers even when the workload is low. We strive to help other organizations grow with us.


Our technical and business leaders can help you learn and grow using the latest technologies to help communicate your cause. We are always eager to train and mentor.


We understand technology and have worked with many non-profits over the years. We go beyond Salesforce to help you decide which software is right for your organization.


We leverage the Salesforce platform and know when to use what's out of the box, when to customize, and when to work with other applications to suit your business needs.


We provide common applications that apply to non-profits such as donation processing, fundraising, raffles, event management, and more.


Your business will receive support across all aspects related to software which includes Salesforce, your website, or any other software used to support your cause.

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