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Appfolio brought on Endeveran to work on projects requiring transactional integrations with other external systems. These integrations were not typical in the sense that Salesforce did not support the protocols and therefore utilized Heroku as an intermediary.

“AppFolio, Inc. recently engaged Endeveran as development partners in a project aimed to satisfy our compliance requirements for one of our mission critical relationships. Endeveran designed a relatively simple solution to complex requirements and exceeded our expectations by working through several technical issues that posed a risk to stall or derail the project. "What we appreciated most about working with Endeveran was the flexible scheduling and technical ability, keeping everyone happy, and delivering the expected results." -- Tim Maskrey, Appfolio”

Cirrus Aircraft engaged Endeveran to come in and evaluate their Salesforce org and apply best practices to areas that needed assistance. In addition, developed several projects such as an application to track Jet engine hours and report those hours for warranty services, and assisted with an integration for their Embark training program using Zapier between their training website and Salesforce.

Lifetime Fitness utilized Service Cloud for their nutritionist call center where advice was given based on the results from the MyHealthCheck program. Salesforce was used to answer the phone calls and display the health results to the nutritionists for support. The result data was hosted on a server behind the firewall exposed through SOAP web services. Calls were made from Salesforce to retrieve the health data near real-time.

Stemcell Technologies has been a long time client of Endeveran to support the Salesforce Sales Cloud instance and the integrations supporting the data. Endeveran was called in to solve issues as to why Sales Orders were missing in Salesforce. We installed an integration / validation tool that monitored the data, and validated the Sales Orders were actually getting into Salesforce. The validation tool caught many business process issues, that once resolved, resulted in accurate data between Salesforce and the source databases.

Vitamin Angels, a non-profit out of Santa Barbara, California, contracted Endeveran to evaluate and improve their donation, grants, and e-marketing processes. Several projects were completed in the Non-Profit, utilizing the Non Profit Starter Pack and using sites to take donations and payments online.

“Endeveran worked with Vitamin Angels to transition off of a paid non profit platform integration with Vitamin Angels needed to maintain its donor and grantee database structure, build new features to replace website forms utilizing, and find a new e-marketing integration. Endeveran successfully implemented replacement features which reduced ongoing costs for Vitamin Angels and identified other key areas for system improvements and long term architecture planning." -- Shelly Gralewski, Vitamin Angels”

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